Nathan Tarrant – SEO Consultant – How I Can Help Your Business

You have landed on this page because you are more than likely looking for an SEO consultant to help you and your business become more prominent in the search engines. There are a lot of agencies and independent consultants offering various SEO services, and it can be difficult sometimes to cut through the jargon and know which one will best help you.

On this page, I explain what I offer by way of SEO services and talk about what is the most important factor of SEO, results (found at the bottom of the page).


SEO Services:

The work I do provides you with seo consultant strategythe best fundamentals to get your website ranking high. The thing before anything else is to carry out a full website analysis to see your current on page settings rankings and links, along with overall performance. This will allow me to know what needs to be done exactly to rank your website high and get you the results you want, along with advising you on the time frame for success.

SEO is a long term project and requires a strong working relationship between us, so once you are happy with what work needs to be done, I will start the project and keep you informed on a monthly basis.

It is important to state that although I will give you an estimated time frame in which you can expect quality results, these results cannot be guaranteed. Many SEO’s make claims that they can get you super results, including that all-important number one spot. But because Google is regularly updating their ranking algorithm, the results I got clients yesterday, is not a guarantee I will get them tomorrow. What I do guarantee is an understanding of what Google are looking for, and that is done through the extensive ongoing research I carry out.


Because SEO is a result driven business, and Google is continually improving the way they rank websites, I carry out more than 40 hours worth of testing and analysis every month to keep on top of what works and what doesn’t in ranking your site. Plus I carry out an in-depth analysis of the phrases your potential clients are using to find your business. This research is an in-depth study of the best phrases people are using to find you, so that, your improved rankings generate you the most qualified traffic.

On Page SEO

There are key factors that need to be carried out on your website and its pages, to ensure they rank effectively for the correct search terms. There have been occasions where I have made minor adjustments to the structure and SEO setup of a page, only for it to then start moving up the rankings. The quality of your website structure, the meta-data used, words and phrases in your content, images and even the use of video, all play a significant part to get your website ranking high.

Link Building

Link building is still a massive player in getting websites ranked. In the past, it was a case of whoever had the most links ranked highest. Today, it is no longer about quantity but quality. This means low-cost links building SEO is dead. Google now wants to see quality links pointing to your site, with emphasis on Trust Flow & Citation Flow score. Something I’ve been doing long before Google demanded it.

SEO Done Properly

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about ranking your website; it is about getting your brand found by more and more potential clients and increasing the traffic flow. In fact, if set up correctly, your website could be your greatest sales machine.

But why stop at your main site? There are other factors you could have ranking as well; your social media platforms, videos that you have on the products or services you offer, mini-websites offering specific promotions. Why just focus on getting your website ranking? If you want to dominate the rankings, why not take over as much of page one as is possible with all your other digital media?

You want SEO strategies that will improve your rankings, send more traffic to your site which in turn generates more clients.

The Getting Started Process

If you want me to carry out an overview and report of what I believe need to be done to get your site ranking etc., then I will be more than happy to generate for you a video report that explains what work I believe needs to be done to help you rank.

For me to do that I need some basic information from you on what you are currently doing by way of marketing your business, what you want to achieve with SEO / digital marketing and the budget you have. You can provide me with this information through my discovery form.

Key Factors of My SEO consultancy

All the SEO work that needs to be carried out is done by me in house. Nothing is outsourced to a third party; all work is managed by me.

If you are looking for mega cheap, fast result driven SEO, that may get your website ranking in the short term, but long term will damage your site, then I am not the SEO consultant for you. If you are a small business with a tight budget who understands the long term benefits of SEO, then I will be more than happy to talk to you. We can put in place a plan where your SEO expenditure increases as your business grows – a real, results driven and incentive-based agreement.

So If you are interested in hiring me as your SEO consultant, you can either go to the contact page and fill out the contact request form or go straight to the discovery form and let me know about your digital marketing requirements. Either way, if you do choose to hire me, you will be happy with the results, that is guaranteed.

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Former Head of Digital Marketing for Award Winning International Marketing Agency

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Over 15 Years Experience – Getting Results In Digital Marketing Since 1998

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Worked With Businesses On Four Continents Carrying Out Local,National and International SEO

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LOCAL SEO – Promote your business to potential clients in your area, get your business on the local map.

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PPC Marketing – Whether Adwords or Social Media ads, get your brand in front of the right people every time.

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Mobile Marketing – More People Search For Businesses Via Mobile Devices Than Ever Before, Get Yours Found? 


SEO Results

Below are a few examples of the results I have obtained for some clients. Because of confidentiality I cant disclose all the details on here, but further details can be made available to you if we start working together if you want to see them.

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my club pro website screen shotMyClubPro Case Study

MyClubPro is a website service for grass roots football clubs that enables them to create their own club website at a very low monthly fee. MyClubPro offers amateur and semi-pro clubs the opportunity to promote themselves, provide club members with information on fixtures, results and match reports, along with a whole host of other integrated services and features.

When MyClubPro approached me at the end of November 2015, their website was ranking on page 3 for the main keyword term they needed to rank for, ‘club website’. They needed to get past more established websites on page 2 like Fulham FC, Barcelona FC and West Ham FC and outrank  the websites of major English Premier League clubs on page one like Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

After analysing their competition and looking at the current website and linking structure I began work on the site from the 2nd December 2015 to improve their ranking position. By the 18th January 2016 the website reached position 3, a position that the owner of MyClubPro, Jason Batt was more than delighted with, in fact, his response to seeing the ranking position was ‘excellent work‘. The site now, over a year on, sits at #2 for the keyword.

It is important to add that the speed in which I got the improved rankings is not typical nor can I guarantee the same speed in improving the rankings of other websites as I did with MyClubPro. I can however, guarantee a high quality of work that you will be very pleased with.

my club pro rankings[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]catersafe website sreenshot

CaterSafe Consultants

CaterSafe Consultants are a kent based company who specialise in delivering Food Safety training and HACCP systems for a variety of businesses including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, cafe´s, supermarkets, schools, farmers & butchers and abattoirs, etc. Historically, CaterSafe obtained clients through word of mouth recommendations and approached me in the autumn of 2015 with a view to ranking their site.

The company worked predominately within the Kent, Sussex and Surrey area, and so I started a campaign to rank CaterSafe’s website for their main keyword phrase ‘HACCP Consultants’, in these areas.

As you will see from the screen shots below, CaterSafe now in Google maps as well as having two pages in the first 3 results.  3 positions in Google for their main keyword phrase, in Kent.  As a result of this success, CaterSafe MD, Samuel Turner, asked Nathan to begin a new campaign in March 2016 to get the website ranking for the other keyword terms, but on a national level.

catersafe seo results


Mortgage Brokers

I can’t disclose who the client is or the region of the UK they are operating in, but you can see from the results below( as of 24/05/2017) they are beginning to rank high for a wide range of keyword phrases. I started work with the client in November 2016 and their website was brand new with no metrics or history, so I was working from as standing start, something that makes the job to rank, more difficult.

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Let’s Talk

If you would like to discuss your own SEO project and how I can help your website improve in the rankings and increase your business, then simply click on the button below to be taken to my contact page, and fill out the contact request form. I look forward to speaking to you soon and helping you dominate your competition online.

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