My SEO Services Are Not For Everyone

Although Nathan would love to work with everyone who contacts him, he can’t because the services he provides are not for every business. He selects the businesses he works us by putting in place a set criteria to enable him to provide clients with the very best in service and results.

Do You Meet The Criteria?

There is a simple 4 point criteria to ensure a workable relationship for your SEO success.

  1. You are an existing business that has been in operation for at least 2 years
  2. You understand the importance of marketing and have a budget and marketing activities currently in place.
  3. You are serious at growing your brand, target audience and sales through SEO.
  4. You understand if doing SEO that results are not instant and are therefore patient in knowing depending on your niche and targets, progress takes time.
Business Types Nathan Won’t Work With:
  • Business start ups
  • Adult theme or discriminatory themed websites
  • Pay day loans
  • Multi Level Marketing or get rich quick businesses

If you and your business fit within our criteria, and you are interested in discussing how we can help you, then please read on.

Discovery Form

For Nathan to discuss with you the best digital marketing options and to create the best plan for the very best ROI, he needs some basic information.

The form below is very simple and non intrusive. It asks some basic questions about your business, what you are selling, what you are looking to do etc. This information enables us to create a custom built plan for your business.

Once you have filled out the form and Nathan has received your information, he will carry out a full in depth analysis of your market and then contact you to discuss further. If you are happy with what is discussed, then Nathan can begin to help your business grow!

SEO Discovery

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